What are teaspoon willie’s quality standards?

All of Teaspoon Willie’s sauces are held to our high quality standard. Each of our sauces are ALL-NATURAL, FAT-FREE, GLUTEN-FREE, PRESERVATIVE-FREE, contain NO MSG and NO HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP and are made with ALL NATURAL NON-GMO CERTIFIED herbs and spices.

Is teaspoon willie’s sauce certified gluten-free*?

While Teaspoon Willie’s sauce is not made in a certified Gluten-Free facility, however, the ingredients are 100% Gluten-Free.

What should I put my Teaspoon Willie’s Sauce on?

When we say Elevate EVERY Bite, we really mean it! Whether you're dipping, marinating or cooking, savor a spoonful on your favorite foods. From burgers and bratwurst to scallops and swordfish, tacos and tofu . . . even Bloody Marys. Teaspoon Willie's Everything Sauce will make every meal an adventure.

How do I get my favorite restaurant to offer Teaspoon Willie’s?

Tell them how much you love it and contact us to get in touch for a wholesale inquiry!

How do i share my favorite teaspoon willie’s recipe?

There are many ways! Share it on Instagram with the hashtag #TeaspoonWilliesFanFare or contact us for a chance to be featured on our recipe blog! Thanks for cooking with Teaspoon Willie’s!